Once again, Ask Sarah, made the leap to Facebook Live and once again, you showed up with your questions, your comments, your conversation. Here’s the snack-size version of the broadcast, so you can find or watch just the portions you want to. You can also catch the show in it’s entirety, along with all of the discussion, on the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

Let’s get started with TWO NEW QUESTIONS: one from a first-year teacher and one from a first-year mentor.

Dear Sarah,

How do you know what’s important? There’s so much to focus on I can’t seem to figure out where to start.


First Things First


Dear Sarah,

Here’s a situation for you. I’m a mentor for the first-time and I’ve learned that there are some real management issues in her classroom. I’m worried if she doesn’t gain control soon, the rest of the year will be awful and it might make her think twice about being a teacher. The problem is I don’t know how to tell her without ruining our relationship. We’re just getting to know each other and I’m afraid if I’m too honest she’ll shut me out. What do I do?


Too Soon or Too Late?



Dear Sarah,

What happens if I don’t get off to a good start?


What If…


How can I help address a first year teacher who appears to have classroom management issues? I don’t want to step on her toes when I am in there.

— Carrie

Do you start each year very stern?

— Reader

What do you think the key components are for a successful lesson? What elements do you think are most important?

— Katelyn



Listen for some excerpts from the journal I kept during my first year of teaching and then for the advice I’d give that first-year teacher self today.

Teach openly,

With Teacher2Teacher



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