Ask Sarah was Live on Facebook and once again, you showed up with your questions, comments and conversation. Here’s the bite-sized version of the broadcast so you can more easily find the segments that work for you. Also, you can catch the show in it’s entirety, along with all of the discussion, on the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

Dear Sarah,

How do you get students to think about their own thinking?


Thinking about Thinking

Dear Sarah,

When students turn in pieces of writing, I know which ones are good and which ones aren’t. I understand how to grade them. But I don’t know how to tell a student the way to change work to make it better other than reminding them to add more details.


I Don’t Know How


Dear Sarah,

How do you improve as a teacher? Do you rely on evaluations and observations to help you?


Do Observations Help?

In this segment, I get some help from two of the most valuable people in my PLN (Personal Learning Network). Melissa White and Kate Lechtenberg help guide me through my classroom feeling of “being in the weeds.”


We take some of your new questions!

  • How do you nurture grit?
  • How do you manage the paper load? 
  • Advice for a first time high school English teacher at age 50?

Teach openly,

With Teacher2Teacher



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