Dear Sarah,

Any advice for male teachers? Often, I feel like the outcast, especially as a Black male. What ways can I get my female counterparts to respect me as a teacher, and not only see me as one brought in for discipline?


More Than a Disciplinarian

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Sometimes I get questions that seem BIG…bigger than I can manage on my own. A few months ago, I got one of those questions that absolutely compelled me. It was a question about race, especially about being black, being male, and being a teacher. And I knew it was too big for me to answer on my own.

Which brings us here, to the beginning of this occasional podcast series, Ask Sarah: the Big Questions where I bring together a collection of voices to help us all work through your questions that rely on complexity and nuance and anything but quick or easy answers.

Meet the men who are lending their voices and experiences to this week’s podcast discussion.

William Anderson. William has been a high school social studies teacher, an AVID teacher, and a teacher-leader in Denver Public Schools in Denver, CO for the past 9 years. He has been especially committed to turning around schools that have been categorized as low-achieving, high poverty institutions. 

Josh Parker. Josh is in his 12th year as an educator. For many of those years he was a high school English teacher in Baltimore Public Schools. Currently he’s an instructional coach for English Language Arts at Paul Lawrence Dunbar High School in Washington D.C. and a Teacher Laureate for the Teaching Channel. Josh is also the 2012 Maryland State Teacher of the Year.

James E. Ford. James was a world history teacher at Garinger High School in Charlotte, NC for 7 years. Currently, he is advocating for students and teachers in his role at the Public School Forum of of North Carolina.  James is also the 2014 North Carolina State Teacher of the Year.

Teach openly,

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