Once again, Ask Sarah, made the leap to Facebook Live and once again, you showed up with your questions, your comments, your conversation. Here’s the snack-size version of the broadcast, so you can find or watch just the portions you want to. You can also catch the show in it’s entirety, along with all of the discussion, on the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

Let’s get started with TWO NEW QUESTIONS!

Dear Sarah,

How do I balance teaching what I love with preparing for the rigorous state assessments?


Re-Claiming Teaching Love


Dear Sarah,

I want to know how a spouse supports her teacher-husband in handling school stress. What can I do?


My Spouse Loves to Teach

I took some of your questions LIVE! Here they are:

What would you say to parents who don’t condone their children aspiring to be a teacher? – Saurav

What’s a piece of advice you’d tell a first year teacher? – Em

I’m teaching in a male juvenile prison setting is rewarding most of the time but has become exhausting. Any advice? – Terri

In this next section, I talk about love lessons. Both the lessons others have shared with me that keep me motivated and the tough love that sometimes comes with teaching.

And, finally, a few of the reasons I #LoveTeaching, inspired by the words of others.

Teach openly,

Together with Teacher2Teacher



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