You can’t help but smile along with Darbie Valenti, my guest for this Ask Sarah. Her energy is contagious and her combination of practical ideas and careful insights will leave you feeling like you can go and conquer this work for another week. Here’s the bite-sized version of the broadcast so you can find and watch just the portion you need.  You can also catch the show in it’s entirety, along with all of the discussion, on the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

This conversation coincides with #LoveTeaching week, so both Darbie and I were excited to think about all the ways our discussion could intersect with this powerful movement. We start with a question of mine that I was itching to ask Darbie: “When did you fall in love with teaching?

It didn’t take long for us to start thinking about colleagues. Phil gave us a wonderful question when he asked: “I have a colleague who has a lot on her plate, and I have the bandwidth to help carry some of that load and want to try to help. Where do I begin?”

It doesn’t take us long to move from helping to celebrating colleagues as a way to spread a love for teaching. Elizabeth asked: “How can my colleagues and I work together to keep celebrating and digging deeper into why we teach?”

But, of course, not everyone is in love with teaching all of the time. We shift our discussion to talking about how to reclaim that love of teaching if you feel like you’ve lost it.

Sometimes we just don’t know where your questions will lead us. As Darbie and I talked about reclaiming a love of teaching and getting beyond isolation, we also tapped into the importance of separating yourself from toxic influences that might be contributing to that lost love of teaching.

We end by going to some live questions from the community and thinking about the resources that diminish isolation and promote connection.

Teach openly,

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