. She’s smart, articulate and full of years of experience to help make this conversation one that all teachers – new or veteran – can learn from. Here’s the bite-sized version of the broadcast so you can find and watch just the portion you need.  You can also catch the show in it’s entirety, along with all of the discussion, on the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

We started off our conversation with a question from Perry, who asked: What is one piece of advice that you want to give to your second semester self?

In this part of the conversation, we move to talking about how to empower students to do some of the re-starting by thinking of practical ways to get our learners involved in the ongoing work of creating cultures where learners can flourish.

LaVondia uses this segment to help us think about why January is such a good time of year to be honest.

Sometimes it’s not just a new semester or the flip of a calendar that creates transition. Sometimes it’s a complete change in job mid-year. Here, LaVondia and I respond to Cara’s question: “I am currently an eighth grade social studies teacher, but transitioning to a technology facilitator in the new year. I’m excited to get started but sad to be leaving my students midyear. How do you handle transitions like this from one semester to the next?”

Always chasing that elusive sense of balance, Kaitlyn asked: “I know teachers should always focus on improvement and doing better, but how do you balance trying new things in a new semester and continuing to do what’s working in a new semester?” 

I just couldn’t let LaVondia go without getting her to help us think about first steps in practicing mindfulness with our students (and for ourselves)!

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