Voice Memo Feedback for Students

I’ve been using voice memo feedback for students since I was a student teacher lugging around cassette tapes for each student so I could record feedback for them. Now, there are all kinds of apps and extensions we can access to give verbal feedback. But, I’ve found I prefer a simple approach: just using a GoogleDoc and the voice memo app that comes with my device.

I’m going acoustic on this one, friends. Stripping it down to the basics and putting the emphasis on what I say to students instead of a complicated or busy app or extension. I’ve broken this down into three parts:

  • WHY I like to use voice memo comments and how they keep me focused less on processing papers and more on growing writers;
  • HOW I make and share the voice memo (this is the technical part);
  • WHAT my comments and feedback to students sounds like. This is the most crucial part of the feedback and even though this isn’t yet a two-way conversation, I’m able to talk writer-to-writer and open up the space for conversations about writing.




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