If there’s one thing teenagers have taught me it’s that there’s no truth serum like students. That’s why I decided to take three of your questions and bring in some guest responders: my students! It’s true that part of exercising teacher voice is liberating student voice and these voices have made me say, “ah-ha” or wonder “really?” or think, “of course.” In their most genuine and authentic way, I think they are starting the conversations we need to have with each other. If there’s a lesson in this post it’s the reminder that if you really want to know, just ask your learners.

Teach openly,

Together with Teacher2Teacher

My students and I used a neat platform, Flipgrid, for this week’s “video” post. It’s an interactive way for you to choose which question you’re interested in, and then listen to the brief video messages from some of my students. Here are your questions I posed to them:

  • How do you get students to care more about learning something new, rather than always wanting to be wrapped up in their social media world?
  • How do you get students to care about doing well in school?
  • What is your ideal classroom like?

And I couldn’t help but ask them one I was curious about:

  • What do you wish teachers would know about being a student and going to school that you don’t think they do? 




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