This week, Ask Sarah, made the leap to Facebook Live and we couldn’t be more excited about the conversations that emerged, the questions you asked and all of you who joined in to make it so successful. Here is the show in bite-sized portions, ready for you to digest at your own pace. You can still find the show in it’s entirety and all that great conversation in the comments section at the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

One of this week’s NEW QUESTIONS:

Dear Sarah,

What are your suggestions in trying to move veteran teachers along to the CCSS (Common Core State Standards)? Some are still stuck in the Depth of Knowledge, level 1, question format and use packet work to teach their lessons. There is no interaction or collaborative work taking place.


Moving Others Along


Dear Sarah,

My son teaches high school English literature. This fall he’ll be teaching seniors for the first time. He had a good paying job outside of school. He could have advanced very quickly and be making a lot more money. But his love is teaching. Do you feel that way too or is it just a job to you?


Job or Passion?

And from the live broadcast:

How would you start a new year with possibly students you had a year before? Since I had them during a whole school year, I feel they feel comfortable with me and starting more serious or stern than when I last saw them, they may not take me seriously.

An Update on “Never-Ending Cycle”

Dear Sarah,

How do you deal with the constant cycle of planning, teaching and grading? It feels like a never-ending process and I’m having a hard time giving it my all consistently.


Never-Ending Cycle

What I would say now about “Mindset for Mentoring:”

Dear Sarah,

Do you think older teachers have a responsibility in coaching or mentoring new teachers?


Mindset for Mentoring

And MORE questions from the LIVE broadcast!

  • How do you carve time for yourself during the year?

       — from Julie

  • I believe that we all want what is best for students. But what does that look like to a classroom teacher? What does that look like to a building administrator?

       — from Mary

  • What tips do you have for moving past a rough year?

       — from Lyndsay

  • How can you encourage ALL subject areas to ACTIVELY engage in literacy with their students?

— from Jessica

Teach openly,

With Teacher2Teacher



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