52 weeks. Hundreds of questions. Thousands of words. Countless teachers making a difference. That’s what my first year of writing this column has been: a through line into this wonderful community of educators who continue to converge around questions, to unite in inspiration and to rally around the pursuit of this rewarding and complex work we find ourselves committed to.

Thank you for welcoming me and this little column into that fold of dedicated educators. So, to celebrate a year of Ask Sarah, I hope you’ll enjoy this collection of words inspired by your questions throughout this past year. It’s yours to tuck away, print or share.

Not unlike my own classroom, I always learn more than I teach. So, let it not go unsaid: I know you ask me questions because you need answers, but I read them because I need to find myself.

Thank you for an wonderful first year. I can’t wait to continue the journey with you!

Teach openly,

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