Ask Sarah, made the leap to Facebook Live and once again, you showed up with your questions, your comments, your conversation. Special thanks to the fantastic Josh Parker for joining us! Here’s the snack-size version of the broadcast, so you can find or watch just the portions you want to. You can also catch the show in it’s entirety, along with all of the discussion, on the Teacher2Teacher Facebook page.

We start with this question about frustration:

Dear Sarah,

According to a study, the emotion teachers feel most is “frustrated.” Why do you think this is?


Feeling Frustrated


In this segment we move from the abstract to the concrete and talk about classroom solutions for the frustrated teacher.

As we keep talking, I ask Josh: “Where are the places you go to, the people you read, when you need that influx of positivity?

It’s tough to talk about frustration without working towards the positive. This question helps get us there.

Dear Sarah,

How do you stay positive when there’s a lot of negativity around you?


Struggling to Stay Positive

We end with a few quick questions:

  • How can I stay positive for my students? How can I support them even when I lack motivation?
  • How do you deal with long, stressful days?

Teach openly,

Together with Teacher2Teacher



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