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I’ve had the incredible privilege of learning from so many amazing educators across the country as the 2010 National Teacher of the Year and during my time as Teacher Laureate for the Teaching Channel. There have been conversations and experiences, classrooms and exhibit halls, and always, always there have been questions: those necessary catalysts of curiosity, instigators for incisive thinking.

Welcome to Ask Sarah, a weekly advice column, where it’s teacher to teacher, learner to learner. My 18 years in the high school English classroom have taught me many lessons, but few as poignant as the power of questions and the belief that a good question is always better than a right answer. So, consider this a space where we value and tackle the messy questions, where we seek honest responses and try to cultivate some wisdom along the way. I can’t wait to see how we open teaching together!

I’m Overwhelmed: a VIDEO message

This week's question is a powerful, but poignant statement I think we can all relate to!        Dear Sarah, It’s hard to have time to do things well. Sincerely,  I’m Overwhelmed Teach openly, With Teacher2Teacher E-Newsletter If you like what you're reading, sign up...

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Ask Sarah LIVE: #LoveTeaching

Once again, Ask Sarah, made the leap to Facebook Live and once again, you showed up with your questions, your comments, your conversation. Here’s the snack-size version of the broadcast, so you can find or watch just the portions you want to. You can also catch the...

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Overstepped from Above

Dear Sarah, How do you deal with situations where you’re overstepped and disrespected by those above you? I had a situation this year that I had no idea how to handle. Sincerely, Overstepped from Above Dear Overstepped from Above, It’s an awful feeling, isn’t it? That...

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Reflections on More than Disciplinarians

I often tell my students they should somehow be changed by the books they read. I ask them to pay attention to how they enter a text and see if they are different when they leave it. I suggest this is the mark of a worthwhile text; the ones that take us on a journey....

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